how about a change of perspective?

Our planet is beautiful and we want to share this beauty with you. Whether you are looking to decorate the walls of your own home or your workspace,

Satmosphere will help you create a beautiful and aesthetic atmosphere. 


We are a young company based in Jönköping, Sweden and started our venture in April 2017, offering quality posters and art prints to our customers.​ All our motifs are high-resolution satellite images of Earth, showing the planet in all its colours and beauty. 


Satellite images are used in navigation systems or can be found in books or atlases. However, so far, hardly anybody has considered them as objects of art. This is a shame, because we believe that satellite images provide us with an unusual, but nevertheless interesting view of our planet. Often, amazing structures, colours and shapes only become visible when viewed from above. We are dedicated to bringing these stunning - and often unknown - scenes to your attention and giving you the possibility to display the beauty of our planet.

the Earth Gallery - created by eoVision

The Earth Gallery is a portfolio of satellite images, focused on different topics. The motifs are taken from books published and created by our partner firm eoVision. eoVision are a satellite image processing company from Austria, experienced in the creation of high quality, high-resolution satellite images and the publication of books, such as Untouched Nature, Human Footprint and Cities.


Through our co-operation with eoVision we are not only able to offer you posters and premium prints of motifs from the Earth Gallery. In addition, we have the possibility to  provide you with unique and individualised images from almost any point on Earth, creating an incredible amount of customisability.

your personalised print

Apart from the images you can find in our shop, we are also happy to offer you individualised satellite images of your own choice. No matter whether you are looking for an image of your favourite tourist destination, your hometown or the city you used to work in. Through our cooperation with eoVision, Satmosphere can provide you with motifs from almost every point on Earth.

If you are looking for a special application of our satellite images, we are also happy to find the solution that is most suitable for your needs. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for!

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